Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper - New album in 2015 and single “Billions of Eyes”

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper recently signed to Mom+Pop Records, and her first album with the label, After, will be released next year on May 3rd, 2015. You can pre-order After on her site. All pre-orders come with an immediate download of the new single "Billions of Eyes," the exclusive four-track digital EP Lady Lamb Live at the Knitting Factory, and a Lady Lamb knit hat. What was the last album you bought that came with a hat?!

Lady Lamb the Beekeper - After album cover

Listen to the first single, "Billions of Eyes," right here:

“Billions of Eyes” lyrics:

when gravity's a palm pushing down on your head
like the devil's got a paw dug in your shoulder
and the other one is rubbing your back
but the kitchen in the new place has a window
yeah you can grow basil on the sill
maybe you can call your neighbors by name now

berries on the dash is the sweetest kind of living
Still this feels like eating the meat of the mountain
It's all grit and gristle I can't chew and swallow,
I'm gnawing my way back home
the clouds look a lot like wool gone through the wash
I check my phone for the time but I still wear my watch
yeah i’m confused about how i’m supposed to connect to anything now

the kind of high I like is when I barely make the train
And the people with a seat smile big at me cause they know the feeling
and for a millisecond we share a look like a family does
like we have inside jokes
like we could call each other by little nicknames
and I could tell the story of how
My great grandmothers sister was deemed a saint
how they exhumed her body after years of being buried
and they found she hadn't even begun to sully
so they moved her again, straight into the Vatican

I think of all the billions of eyes
all looking at something different at the same time
and I feel nauseous
some days i can only see into my suitcase
it's got everything I need
plus some superstitious things I may also need
"music soothes the savage beast"
the pilot says to me and he asks me to sing
but now is not the time
I just want to fall into a pile of warm laundry
i just wanna keep very very quiet yeah

it’s june where you sleep and july where I land
thought I saw you on the platform in Amsterdam
and I nearly missed my train
and I felt so defeated til I jumped on to see all the warm smiles were for me
I made my train and it made me so happy
I made my train and it made me forget everything
it made me forget, made me forget made me forget made me forget everything
it made me forget made me forget made me forget made me forget made me forget everything

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