Tuesday, December 30, 2014

5 reasons why people order tomato juice on airplanes

Ever wondered why tomato juice is popular on planes, but not so much at ground level? If you're like me, you've had a glass while in flight, or you've wondered why other passengers drink it.

Tomato juice in flight
Tomato juice - the free, stomach-settling, tasty mixer in flight.
Well, there are a few reasons many airlines carry the salty, earthy beverage.
  1. It's free.
    • It's simply free, and it's there. With just a few options to choose from, why not go with tomato juice?
  2. A small amount is a treat.
    • Chances are you don't buy large bottles of tomato juice for your fridge often. But a small portion would be tasty once in awhile.
  3. It's a common mixer.
    • In days past, alcohol was free on board, and tomato juice was a common mixer. The juice has since stuck around today. Oh, how we wish booze was still complimentary...
  4. It settles the stomach.
    • Having air sickness or just don't feel well? Much like ginger ale, which is also commonly served on flights, tomato juice helps settle the stomach.
  5. It tastes better up in the sky. 
    • Here's what Lufthansa catering executive Ernst Derenthal said about tomato juice at altitude, as reported by NBC Philadelphia:
"We learned that tomato juice being on ground level is rather -- I'm not saying moldy, but it tastes earthy, it tastes not overly fresh," says Derenthal. "However, as soon as you have it at 30,000 feet, tomato juice shows, let's say, its better side. It shows more acidity, it has some mineralic taste with it, and it's very refreshing."


  1. Well, this is very interesting actually

  2. in the old days you got lime with it..now they just give you the can...weird? i thought i was the only one?


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