Saturday, June 6, 2015

Cookeezi lemon & lime squeezer [giveaway]

Citrus is back in season! I recently won a Cookeezi lemon and lime squeezer, which is advertised as premium quality. Cookeezi uses 18/10 stainless steel material to make the squeezer.

What the heck does that mean? 18 refers to the amount of Chromium and 10 refers to the Nickle content in the stainless steel. You might still be scratching your head like me, but studies have shown 18/10 is the perfect blend to give optimal strength and shine.

I've decided to turn around and give the juicer away to a lucky Giveaway Guy reader rather than keep it for myself. The giveaway is available to everyone worldwide.

Here are some of the headset's features:
  • No matter how difficult the lemon or lime, the Cookeezi juicer will extract most of the juice
  • No bending of the handles when squeezing larger lemons and limes.
  • Easy to clean. Dishwasher safe.

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Enter to win using the Rafflecopter form below. You may share on Twitter once a day for extra points for the duration of the giveaway.

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  1. I love using them for my glass of water, my green smoothies or in recipes.

  2. I like to use lime juice in my gin and tonic, just a small squeeze.

  3. I love to use lots of lemon juice in my iced tea!

  4. I like to use lime juice for an avacado dip that I make.

  5. I love using lime or lemon in sparkling water.

    Rafflecopter: Lisa

  6. I use in my water and in my cooking...over fish,chicken on salads

  7. I use lemon in my hot tea or I add it to my salads.

  8. I use it in Ice Tea.

  9. I like to use in fresh coca cola :-)

  10. I would use this for prepping food before cooking.

  11. I infuse it in my tea and water.


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