Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Light up your night with Lunar Bands [review]

In my family, we like to go on walks, sometimes at night. We typically bring small flashlights so we can easily be seen by cars. I'm not a fan of carrying things though.

Enter Lunar Bands.

A Lunar Band can be wrapped around your wrist, arm, ankle, etc., designed to free up your hands and shine brightly with static and blinking settings. These bands are ideally meant for night owls, but anyone can use them. From hiking and biking, to festivals and raves, Lunar Bands have lit up events all over the country.

As a brand, they're putting all profit back into perfecting the design, so they clearly care about what they're doing. They read and personally respond to every piece of feedback they receive, including the email I sent them. If you're reading this, Josh, thank you.

Lunar Bands wristie and standard size band
Armband in green; wristie in blue

I recently got my hands (or should I say arms and wrists?) on a wristie and armband, which are both perfect for evening strolls.

When turned on, the bands are bright! It's impossible to not be seen by cars or whoever else. They'll see you coming for sure. Not only is it great for walking and running, but also biking (strap the armband around your ankle - it works great). Oh, and there are two blinking modes too. Again, impossible not to be seen.

Not turned on - armband in green; wristie in blue

My wife even suggested this would be a great idea for trick-or-treating, which is just around the corner by the way! Check out the video below for more visuals and then check out the Lunar Bands shop. The battery lasts for 100+ hours, which is pretty sweet.

If you want to win a band for yourself, stick around! In about a week the folks at Lunar Bands will be offering up a band to TWO lucky Giveaway Guy readers. Subscribe to my blog so you don't miss the announcement!

Disclosure: I was provided a complimentary product in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

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