Friday, February 12, 2016

Pet fleece blanket from FiveDogsVintage [review]

We're approaching the middle of February and it's been a pretty cold month. In fact, it's supposed to get below 0 here in New England.

When it's cold, my cat, Jasper, will find a blanket of any kind to crawl under. He loves fleece, and he almost never sleeps on the floor without some kind of blanket or bed. Our floors get cold this time of year, and our pets need warmth just as much as we do.

I recently gave my cat, Jasper, a fleece blanket. I've kept it on his favorite section of the couch the past week and he loves it. He naps on it and also plays with it, kicking it around and rolling himself up in it.

Getting ready to settle down for a nap.

This particular fleece, called Day Glow, is hand-crafted by Jenell out of her Etsy shop, FiveDogsVintage. Soft, quality, and comes in two sizes (small is 36x30, large is 60x36). The small is best suited for a cat or small dog, and the large could be used for the bed of larger dogs.

The bright colors of "Day Glow"

Jenell has many varied crafting interests, from making dog clothes to yard art, and also have a passion for vintage stuff. If you're thinking about a gift, she can gift wrap an item for no additional charge.

If you want to place a custom order, you can contact her via her Etsy shop. She wants to help you make something special, so check out Jenell's Etsy shop for her crafting interests.

Disclosure: I was provided a complimentary product in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

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