Sunday, December 2, 2018

Win a $100 Amazon gift card from OxiScience!

Want to treat yourself this month for the holidays? Check out this $100 Amazon giveaway, which is brought to you by OxiScience.

OxiScience is embarking on a mission to improve the quality of everyday life by creating innovative products that deliver long-lasting odor control.


In addition to the $100 Amazon gift card, you'll also get:
  • 1 Cat Litter Deodorizer
  • 1 Pet Odor & Stain Remover
  • 1 Shoe Deodorizer
  • 1 Fridge Deodorizer
  • 1 Dog Oral Spray
  • 1 No. 2 Toilet Spray

This giveaway is open worldwide, ending December 8, 2018.

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