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Win a $100 Amazon gift card with author Case Lane!

Are you the type that prepares for the future? Join me in welcoming Case Lane back to the blog!

Case is a global writer, traveler, entrepreneur, and observer to the future. Her overall theme for writing and entrepreneurship is 'prepare for the future.' In her thought-provoking Life Online book series the majority of people are non-technologists who have to learn to live and manage in a technology-controlled world they do not understand. Case envisions a next century world where the essential battle is between the advancement of technology and the instincts of our basic humanity.

Educated in communications, political science, business, law and economics, Case has lived and worked all over the world, and has been a reporter, diplomat, digital media corporate executive and lawyer. You can find all these influences from her knowledge and experience in the books.

The Life Online Book Series is speculative science fiction for thinking people considering the impact of future technologies. Book #2, The Unbroken Line, is a future tech cyber thriller.

BEYOND THE TIES OF OUR COMMON KINDRED can a digital human be controlling an act of war?

In the near future, the dead live on as virtual holograms interacting with humans through an omnipresent cyber Network. But when undetectable drones suddenly change the outcome of government policies, digital humans become criminal suspects.

The Unbroken Line is a future tech cyber thriller highlighting the battle between the disturbing consequences of humanity’s dependence on programmed machines, and the visionary benefits of the technology. The artificial intelligence providing ongoing contact with the departed could be instigating a terrifying military stand-off between the USA and Russia.

In The Unbroken Line, the war in Cyberspace goes to the edges of the Universe. To prevent a world ending outcome, a global team of diplomats, Intelligence agents and rogue technologists must reverse engineer the error, and avert a war threatening to shatter the stable unity maintained in a world of cyber control.

Care to get to go inside the author's mind? Here are a few interview questions with Case from last time.

What inspires you to write?
I have stories in my head, I always have. And my writing is related to my own experiences and interests. What usually happens is I will start thinking of a scenario. For example, right now there is a lot of discussion about self-driving cars. What about airplanes? Could we get to the point where planes operate without pilots? That led to the premise of my next book in the Life Online series about a plane that goes off the grid. Once I have the general idea I can start writing. At that point, the inspiration is in wanting to get the story completed and out for distribution.

How long does it take you to write a book, on average?
Once I have the story decided and I know when I want to release the book, I set a deadline. When I'm actively writing to hit a deadline, I aim for 5,000 words a day. So the length of time depends on the length of the book. The Life Online books average around 115,000 words each, so about 23 days. But that said, I can edit and re-edit forever. If I do not set deadlines I will keep re-editing, not to change the basic story, but certainly to reset dialogue, or change scenes around. I cannot read my own writing without editing. So without deadlines, I would probably still be working on my first book.

What's the best writing tip you can offer?
Keep writing. Be persistent. Keep at it. I know many people want to write a book so I recommend that you start immediately and write a few words every day until it's done. Because of technology and the ability to access a global market of readers, anyone can publish a book and find enthusiastic readers. And there's a great variety of styles and approaches that people can use. What hasn't changed is the readers' interest in good stories. So don't worry about technique or style or market size or any of that - just get the story together and finish the writing you started.

So who wants to win something?!

Case Lane and I have partnered up to give away a $100 Amazon gift card to one lucky Giveaway Guy reader.

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