Thursday, December 4, 2014

Kent Newton Salon in Boston, MA [review]

Kent Newton Salon has a nice atmosphere. It's bright, people are in a good mood, and the salon is clean. I was even offered wine upon arriving (wine!), which I declined probably because I was in shock of the gesture. Next time, put me down for a glass.

Kent Newton Salon chairs
The owner, Kent Newton, has a pug which was trotting around and hanging out by Kent's work space. I'm a fan of places that allow their dog to be part of the action. Side note: I'm also a fan of the P.R.O.N.E 5K road race at Carson Beach which benefits a pug rescue organization. Pugs are everywhere at the race.

Back to the hair. This was my first time visiting the salon, and subsequently the first time having my hair cut with stylist Amanda. I told her I wanted my hair nice and short but not too short that I couldn't do anything with it, and she made it happen. Amanda didn't really need any guidance and understood the look I was going for. She's polite, very friendly, and like a magician with clippers and scissors.

I left feeling like a new man with a great, refreshing cut. I plan to go back.

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