Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Test driving the Tesla Model S

Tesla is the coolest thing in the auto industry right now - completely electric luxury vehicles.

Tesla has two models on the line at the moment - the S and the D. You're looking at a starting price of $70,000.

Tesla Model S at Natick Mall
The Tesla Model S at the Natick Mall

So why should the average Joe be interested? Soon there'll be a mass-produced model called the 3 (or III) which will challenge the likes of BMW. The model 3 (not pictured) will be unveiled in 2016 and on sale in 2017 for about $35,000. I have my eyes on this model as it proves to be a much better investment than the gas-guzzlers we commoners like to drive. Plus, there are free charging stations all over the globe to charge up your Tesla.

The folks at Tesla will happily take you on a free test drive, or what they call "an educational drive," which is aptly named since you've probably never been in a car like this. Lots of cool things to learn with electric car technology. Give your name and number, and someone pleasant will call you to set up a drive without any strings.

Tesla storefront at Natick Mall
The Tesla storefront at the Natick Mall

I set up a test drive at the Natick Mall. Yep, it's an unconventional location, but since you custom order your car, there isn't a need for a huge parking lot. The test cars are outside, though. The staff at the Natick location are friendly, not even remotely pushy, and love to talk Tesla.

The drive itself was a lot of fun as the Model S has a lot of power. It gets going faster than you'd expect and will breeze by just about anyone on the highway. And since there's no engine, it's extremely quiet. I put the car in drive and it didn't seem like it was on. But it was. The inside is very roomy, which is important since I'm tall and require a bit of leg room, and there are plenty of things to customize on the main digital panel as well.

Inside the Natick store there is a design studio where you can check out all the styling options and play with the interactive touch screen to learn about the technology and it's benefits. Not to mention all the money you'll save by going electric.

Tesla design studio at Natick Mall
The Tesla design studio at the Natick Mall

Out of my budget for sure, but a slick ride. I'll be anxiously awaiting a couple years for the Model 3.

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