Friday, October 23, 2015

Crochet guitar strap from YesteryearsGirl [review]

If you play a guitar of some kind then you're probably gonna need a strap at some point. Consider a crocheted strap for something soft and easy on your shoulder, and YesteryearsGirl has got you covered. If you need a special order you can ask!

I recently got my hands on a nice crochet guitar strap from Grace and her YesteryearsGirl Etsy shop and I love it. Mine is in sage green, which isn't listed in the shop at the moment, but here's a pink strap currently listed. There's another one in purple too.

Strap fits even a large body (bass guitar).

The strap goes for just $12, which won't break the bank and is a pretty good deal in comparison to prices on straps in most stores. Anything more than $20 for a basic strap makes me cringe. YesteryearsGirl's crochet straps also makes a nice gift for the upcoming holidays.

As I mentioned, the strap is nice and soft, gentle on my shoulder, and I haven't had any trouble using it with my acoustic bass guitar. As you can see above, the body of my guitar is really big (and heavy), but the strap easily stays attached to the end pins and gets around my body too.

Oh, I should mention I'm 6'5," so you don't need to worry about about fit. While 46 inches from end to end, the crocheted yarn is stretchy and will hold up nicely far beyond 46 inches.

Crocheted by hand in a smoke-free home with acrylic yarn.

Grace's goal is to provide you with a quality item and experience for an affordable price, so check out the shop.

Disclosure: I was provided a complimentary product in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

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