Thursday, November 5, 2015

Plymouth Mocs Moccasins [review]

I really like the comfort and feel of these moccasins. I have wood floors at home and they can be cold on my feet, so I slip into these puppies and it's like my feet are nestled into little clouds.

However, be aware that these run small. I wear a size 11.5 shoe and since Plymouth Mocs doesn't make half sizes (based on my search), I ordered the next largest size, a 12. Unfortunately they were much too tight.

I've read in other reviews that these moccasins don't stretch out much, so I decided to return them and got a full size and a half up (13). There was no hassle with the return process.

Being that my pair is 1.5 sizes larger than my shoe size, these are roomy and I can easily toss them off if I want. But they still stay on my feet while walking around the house.

Order at least one size up, and possibly 1.5 sizes if you wear a half size.

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