Thursday, January 28, 2016

Adele - 25 [review]

I've got a soft spot for strong, dynamic female leads. Amy Winehouse (rest in peace) and Adele are two of my favorites. So much talent.

I stopped buying CDs long ago, but broke the streak picking up Adele's 25 the other day. Feels good to pop the disc in and enjoy the experience. What I'd really like is to play this album on vinyl to hear what that's like, but I digress.


I've read that Adele had writer's block in the early going for this album. Imagine what 25 might be if she had been able to pour everything out from the get-go...

Yes, "Hello" is huge right now and is definitely a powerful opener to the album. But the whole thing is great. Apparently Adele did the drums on this song, and I didn't know she played those. So that's a fun fact.

The first three songs on 25 are my favorites and it's tough for me not to repeat these tracks. But the more I listen to the entire album the more my mind begins to change.

Following the opener is "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)," which is upbeat, catchy, and in my opinion, the only song that's borderline pop. I think it's a crowd-pleaser. The third track, "I Miss You," is seductive ("Pull me in/Hold me tight/Don't let go") and emotional. I really like the chorus.

Adele is on top of the world with this release and I'm looking forward to the next one... 28? 29?

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