Saturday, July 30, 2016

TallSlim Tees - shirts for the tall folks [review]

You're tall. You deserve a shirt that fits well. Do you get the shirt that fits your chest and shoulders but is too short? Or do you get the shirt that is long enough but too big everywhere else?

You don't have to ask yourself those questions anymore thanks to TallSlim Tees.

At 6'5" and on the lean side (200 lbs.), my experience with shirts in particular has been hit and miss. Often they can be too big around the stomach, or the shirt's sleeves are too short. It's rare I find something that fits absolutely perfectly.

But TallSlim Tees is a brand I like! And if you're tall then you might too. It makes me happy that I can browse everything they carry and know that something will fit just right. The shirts come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors for men 6'0" to 7'0." Sorry, ladies, nothing for you yet.

Typically I'm an XL shirt, but a L fits perfect.

TallSlim Tees was founded in 2014 by Dan Deceuster after years of frustration with t-shirt sizes (much like the frustration of my own), and designed a custom t-shirt specifically for tall, lean men like myself. Here's what Dan has to say:

“I took 17 different measurements of every part of my t-shirts. With that I figured out the dimensions of the perfect shirt for me. I had this shirt made and it fit more comfortably than anything I had ever worn. So I decided to use my design to start a line of shirts designed specifically for guys who are tall and skinny like I am.”

One of the shirts I have is the tall v-neck in royal blue pictured above, the original and top-selling v-neck t-shirt made from a 50/50 cotton polyester blend. It's soft, lightweight, and fits like a dream (don't forget to check the sizing chart). This v-neck is designed specifically for slim & tall men looking for a tailored fit. It kinda hugs your figure so don't be shy now.

Festus Ezeli, pro NBA player, is 6'11" and rocks the XL comfortably.

Another shirt I'd like to showcase is the tall pique polo. Wear it to the office or to the golf course - gotta have light colors when you're playing under the sun. I've got it un-tucked here so you can see that it runs nice and long.

I usually wear an XL polo everyday to work. Now I can wear a L.

It's a comfortable polo shirt and made from durable fabric - 65% cotton and 35% polyester. It's strong, yet flexible with the same great fit you'd expect from the other TallSlim Tees.

Browse around the shop and you're bound to find something you like. Oh, and 2-day USPS Priority shipping in the U.S. is FREE! There's no catch. Shipping is free and I might add a couple more shirts to my collection.

Disclosure: I was provided a complimentary product in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

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