Sunday, September 11, 2016

Thrifty Guy of the Year

Last month Three Thrifty Guys held their first annual Thrifty Guy of the Year contest to recognize that special thrifty guy in our lives or someone we know who exemplifies thriftiness in all aspects of life.

Thank you to everyone who voted for me, the Giveaway Guy. I appreciate all the votes! You better believe I love giveaways and free stuff.

Unfortunately I wasn't honored as Thrifty Guy of the Year for 2016, but I was runner-up. So that's something.

Also, a shout out to this years runner-up, Seth R., who was also nominated by his wife and shared that he is clever with finding the best deals / bargains and on one of their first dates together, he left his wallet in the car so when the bill came for dinner, she had to pay up! (Seth, around here, we call that cheap!)

Let me explain myself leaving my wallet in the car...

I left my wallet in the car when we went into a gym to play basketball. Then we went out to dinner afterwards, and I didn't realize my wallet was still in the car. Oops. I think I've paid for plenty of meals since then though!

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