Friday, October 21, 2016

Auntie Mac's fleece blankets [review]

It's almost November, where did the summer go? There have been a few mornings recently that I've debated turning the heat on but held out.

It's fleece blanket time.

Blankets are coveted items at my house, especially since we try to save money by not turning the heat up. My wife and I fight over the good blankets, and even the cat loves them.

My wife says the latest fleece blanket we have is the best blanket she's ever seen, which says something since she used to make them herself as well. Where's it from? The Auntie Mac Etsy shop.


Kathy of the Auntie Mac shop makes soft, quality fleece blankets, in all kinds of patterns. The blanket I have has the woodland print on one side (shown above) and solid white on the other. At approximately 57 by 70 inches, it's large enough for most adults and plenty roomy for the kids. You can probably use it on a twin bed.

The edges are sewn together rather than tied, so it's a little different than the tying method, which is a common method for making fleece blankets. My wife used to make the tie blankets actually.

The fleece blanket is incredibly soft, double-sided, reversible, and the material doesn't pill. All the edges are sewn and the corners are curved. Kathy's fleeces are amazing.

Here are a couple other popular patterns. Check out the Etsy shop for lots more. The holidays are around the corner, so why not give something warm?

Zebra pink fleece blanket
Camouflage fleece blanket
Harry Potter fleece blanket

Disclosure: I was provided a complimentary product in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

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