Sunday, May 21, 2017

Weekday Best's watercolor dog portraits [review]

For the dog lovers who read this blog, or if you like colorful art as I do, check out this artist! I recently had the pleasure of getting my hands (or should I say paws) on a print of an original watercolor portrait from Weekday Best.

Shaunna is the artist of Weekday Best, specializing in watercolor portraits. These portraits are a fun way to capture the personality of our pets! You can either purchase prints of Shaunna's originals, or get a custom watercolor portrait in a colorful, fun style.

German short-haired pointer watercolor

The watercolor print I have is the German short-haired pointer (GSP), shown above. GSPs are very similar to the Vizsla, which I have, and both breeds are a lot of fun. The GSP and Vizsla have similar bodies and facial features, and they both require a lot of exercise. Not just a walk or two a day - they need to run and hike.

The painting also can look like a Weimaraner or other sporting dog. And this print is of an original watercolor painting in bright and bold colors, and a few paint spatters for good measure. Shaunna loves to paint in bright colors to bring out your pet's personality.

I'm a fan of color (that's what I say when people poke fun at my wardrobe choices), and I'm impressed with Shaunna's work.

Henry doing his best to imitate a GSP

You can choose from a variety of print sizes in portrait format - 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, and 13x19. This archival matte paper features a smooth surface, heavy weight, neutral white, matte paper engineered for accurate color reproduction.

Watercolor print hanging on the wall

My wife has the watercolor print hanging on the wall in her office and it says it brightens her day and makes her think of our boy Henry. I might have to get a print for my own office for a bit of color.

Turnaround time for a custom portrait is anywhere from 6-10 weeks, so if you need it by a certain date be sure to contact Shaunna of Weekday Best. A one of a kind painting is waiting for you!

Disclosure: I was provided a complimentary product in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

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