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War of the Malkin by author Virginia Ripple [giveaway]

Adventures of magical talking cats. You read that right.

Virginia Ripple has balanced a call to minister and a call to write. After receiving her BA in English, she went on to become a seminary student at Brite Divinity, an Associate Minister, and a church elder.

Virginia re-discovered her passion for writing while in graduate school, and with it a new direction for her life. Since then she has balanced her time between her career as an independent author and being a loving wife and mother.

Behold the War of The Malkins box set. When demons threaten humanity, a shy cat will rise up. 3 novellas. 350+ pages of magic and adventure. Save nearly 50% when you buy the box set!

In a world full of magical talking cats, Nadine was just another hard-working feline until an attack on her life gave her abilities she never dreamed existed. With the sudden understanding of what is really behind the war between humans and cats, Nadine must learn to use her new powers or watch her friends, and the rest of humanity, burn.

Secrets of the Malkin (War of the Malkin Novella #1)
In a world of magical talking cats, Nadine was just another feline social worker…
…until she learns a secret that can save the world... and get her killed.
After a narrow escape from orphaned teenagers determined to use her for target practice, Nadine, a feline social worker, is left terrified and wonder if there's a way humans and felines can live together in peace in this post-plague world. She finds the answer in a story about a magical cat called the Baruhk Sh'Toole. Unfortunately, she disappeared years ago, taking her secrets with her. With only a map of the queen's last known location and a vague story to go on, the she-cat leaves for an adventure to the Outer Reaches, a place where trappers will skin a cat alive and then consider killing it. There she must befriend a priest and hope he knows where to find the cat who can heal the world, but doesn't want to be found. Can a naive young social worker uncover the secrets of the Baruhk Sh'Toole and heal the widening rift between humans and cats or is Nadine doomed to be one more victim in the war?

Huntress of the Malkin (War of the Malkin Novella #2)
Nadine thinks she has found her calling as a healer to both cats and humans…
…until a demon foretells the end of the world.
An accomplished healer of both cats and humans, Nadine finds herself whiskers to fangs with a demon while making what should have been a routine house call. Defeated, the demon soars away, but not before warning her that the world is about to be ripped from existence. Nadine casts the idea aside as the rantings of evil until she returns to her temple home to discover it in flames and her mentor vanished. When a visiting monk named Eli says her friend was taken by a religious extremist group looking for a book that can erase existence, Nadine realizes she must take the demon's warning seriously and go after them. Despite her misgivings about Eli, she takes him with her on what promises to be a fur-raising adventure. Can Nadine keep the book from falling into the wrong hands and save her friend or will she doom all of creation to certain annihilation?

Clash of the Malkin (War of the Malkin Novella #3)
Her world in peril... His need to stop a killer…
…Which will she use her magic for?
Nadine's powers are growing, and so is her enemy's desire to see her dead. She thought she'd thwarted his plans to use the Book of Knowledge to end creation, but the cunning demon managed to snatch the Book from under her whiskers. Hot on his trail, Nadine meets up with an old friend who needs her help to stop a power-hungry master cat determined to enslave humanity. Now she must decide: finish her mission and save creation or help her friend defeat his enemy and stop a war.

So who wants a book?! Virginia and I have partnered up to give away a signed copy of War of the Malkin, Vol 1 to one lucky Giveaway Guy reader.

Enter to win using the Rafflecopter form below. You may share on Twitter once a day for extra points for the duration of the giveaway.

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