Sunday, October 29, 2017

Veckle pet seat cover [review]

As dog owners we have plenty to worry about. Isn't it nice to have a product that holds up and does the job?

Veckle focuses on automotive accessories, including a couple pet seat covers. At Veckle, they're committed to make your drive safe, simple, and enjoyable.

Henry on his Veckle seat cover

We take Henry hiking just about every day, and he gets wet or dirty all the time. That's why we have a beater truck that we don't care about getting dirty and stuff.

But sometimes we need to take the car, and we definitely care about keeping it looking nice. I'm the proud new owner of a Veckle pet seat cover and couldn't be happier with it.

A couple weeks ago we took Henry to the beach to meet his Vizsla meetup buddies, and naturally I grabbed the seat cover because sand gets everywhere. I'm still getting the sand out of my shoes weeks later.

Photo by Kieron Monahan

Anyhow, here's proof of our meetup. 30 Vizslas! I doubt you'll be able to spot Henry, but can you spot me? It was a lot of fun, and we're heading back in November. Yes, it will probably be cold, but the dogs love running around together.

So we head back to the car and I make sure my Veckle pet seat cover is ready to go. Sure enough, there's instantly sand and hair and stuff all over it, as you can see below.

Even with sand getting everywhere, our car was protected and remained clean! I couldn't ask for more and I definitely recommend this cover to anyone weighing their options.

We have both a compact size and mid size car, and the cover fits the backseat of both just fine. We have a truck too, but Henry likes to sit in front so the cover wouldn't get much use.

  • Side Flaps Pet Car Seat Hammock
    • Veckle car pet seat cover with the side flaps prevents your car back seat from pet scratch, dirty, pet fur and keep your car clean
  • Durable Material Pet Rider
    • Made of wear-resistant 600D Oxford cloth, PP cotton, polyester cloth, PVC waterproof coating, and EVA non-slip net
  • Waterproof and Non Slip Car Seat Cover
    • PVC waterproof coating to avoid the infiltration of pet urine into the car seat cushion
  • Easy to Install and Use
    • Just snap the buckle straps around your car's headrests to install; and tuck the soft seat anchors in the back seat
  • Multi Use for 12-month warranty
    • Excellent size of 54 x 58 inch Dog Car back seat cover fits for most Cars, Trucks and SUVs
    • Easily convert between hammock style and car bench seat cover, it prevents car seats from contamination

Disclosure: I was provided a complimentary product in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

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