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Amazon gift card and Celtic romance author Mia Pride

She will not be tamed...

Mia Pride is a full-time wife and mother of two rowdy boys, residing in the San Francisco bay area. As a child, she wrote stories about fantastic places or magical things, always preferring to live in a world where the line between reality and fantasy didn’t exist.

In high school, Mia entered writing contests and had some stories published in small newspapers or school magazines. As life continued, so did her love of writing. One day, she decided to end her cake decorating business, pull out her laptop, and fulfill her dream of writing and publishing novels.

And she did.

The Warrior's Salvation is the first book in the Celtic romance Warriors of Eriu series.

Jeoffrey has had enough of women. When his intended wife Clarice ran off with his cousin, he was left to pick up the pieces of his shattered heart. Now years later, after fighting a long war and finally earning a new start to life, all he wants is a little farm and his solitude. But when the one woman he never expected, or wanted, to ever see again suddenly shows up battered and carrying a small child in her arms, Jeoffrey has no choice but to take her into his home. But as soon as Clarice is healed, Jeoffrey is determined to be rid of them both. Forever.

Faced with a forced marriage to an abusive man, Clarice flees to save her and her son’s lives. When she finally arrives at a new village, desperate for help, Jeoffrey is the last man she ever thought to find there. Injuries have left her helpless and reliant upon Jeoffrey’s goodwill. If only he did not despise her. Clarice never expected to see Jeoffrey again and, though her heart never forgot him, he wishes to forget her.

All Jeoffrey wants is his freedom. All Clarice wants is a second chance. Will Clarice’s sudden arrival unravel all of Jeoffrey’s carefully laid plans for a life of solitude? Or will she turn out to be his only salvation?

Still curious about the author? Time for an interview with Mia...

What inspires you to write?
Honestly, people and interactions. I love to just watch people and wonder what they are thinking or what is going on in their life. Some of my best inspirations come from those musings. I can take a photo or a moment in someone’s life and map out an entire story, filling it with drama and of course, lots of laughter and love. As a romance writer, everyone gets their happily ever after, even if they do not in real life. After all, is that not why we read? To escape and seek out an alternate reality where things feel different and special. That’s where my ideas come from. The motto on my blog and website is: Every human interaction is a story waiting to be written. I truly feel that to be the case.

How long does it take you to write a book, on average?
On average, if I am writing during a time period I am already very comfortable with, such as ancient Irish or Scottish, I can map out a story and have it written, including research time, in about a month if I stick to my word count goals based on the average length of my novels. If I am writing about a new time period or require extra research, it may take a few extra weeks. However, that is just to have a rough manuscript. Then the many rounds of editing begin. Overall, from beginning to end, I try to get a book out about every three months, keeping a goal of four books per year. I am doing very well on that goal this year and on track to have about six books release in 2018. However, two of them were already partially written.

What are you working on right now?
Currently, I am working on the fourth book in my Warriors of √Čriu series, “The Warrior’s Reunion”. It is another Irish/Scottish historical romance and I am so excited to hopefully have it out by Summer of 2018. I had meant for this book to be the final book of the series, but sometimes characters make more decisions than I do, and one is just begging for a story of his own. So I may very well be working on the fifth book of the series very soon!

At the end of May, I have a book called “Plunder by Knight” releasing and it was SO much fun to research and write. I am truly hoping everyone will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. It will be available for presale at the end of April 2018 and is a part of the Pirates of Britannia Series. Each book in the series is written by other fabulous authors and I am just so honored to be a part of the adventure!

What's the best writing tip you can offer?
Dedicate a certain time every day to just writing. I like to stick to a routine. Make realistic goals and do your best to achieve them. Stay on task and block out distractions. Even if you are stuck… keep writing. Sometimes the story will take an unexpected turn or a character will do something you did not want him to do, but that is the fun of it! That is when you know you are truly allowing the story to guide you, not vice versa. Sometimes I am in awe of the wonderful outcome of a story and how it had not even crossed my mind until the idea flew from my fingers… I am guided by the moment and the character’s personality.

My days vary and though I am mostly a full-time writer, I still have young children and side jobs. But most days, I take the kids to school, exercise for 30 minutes, make my protein shake, then I sit down and write until I hit my word goal, and if the ideas keep coming, I keep going. Some days I get stuck and when I do, I walk away for a few minutes and think about where I want it to go, or what I would do if I was that character int hat position, work on other projects, or seek out my readers on social media and ask them for input. I find my readers to be a huge inspiration. They are the perfect people to talk to when you are in a funk and are experts and talking you out of it! I LOVE MY READERS! There are no bad days when I have them to chat with!

What's a book written by another author everyone should read in their lifetime?
Katherine by Anya Seton. It's about the love affair between John of Gaunt and his mistress Katherine Swynford. Their story is compelling and honestly so important to the lines of royalty all over Europe, as well as the begins of the Wars of the Roses. I have read this book many times and never stop feeling profoundly affected by it! I have let my friends borrow it and recommended it for years.

So who wants to win something?!

Mia Pride and I have partnered up to give away a couple items - one lucky Giveaway Guy reader will win a paperback of The Warrior's Wager and another reader will win a $30 Amazon gift card.

Aislin Mac Cecht is not like other lassies. She prefers her bow, connecting with nature, and most importantly, her freedom. Marriage and children would only tie her down. No man could ever possibly accept her as she is, feral and stubborn to a fault, and she refuses to change for anyone, despite her family’s insistence that she settle down.

He would never dream of trying…
Alastar Mac Murray vowed to never get married. He much prefers to spend his nights with as many lassies as possible, living a life of ease and freedom, even if his easy smile and witty banter hide the painful shadows of his past. But when he first sees Aislin in her short hide dress, bow slung over her shoulder as she berates her brother, all his plans change. He will have Aislin Mac Cecht, and taming her is the last thing on his mind.

One reckless wager, the kiss of a lifetime, and an opportunity to secure the lass of his dreams has Alastar proposing a handfast to Aislin. She keeps her freedom and silences her family, and he wins the girl… for only one year and one day. She vows to leave when it’s over. He vows to keep her forever.

Can two people who value freedom over love find happiness in both?

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