Sunday, May 27, 2018

Amazon gift card and romance author Kandi Steiner

To tell this story right, we need to go back.

Kandi Steiner is a bestselling author and whiskey connoisseur living in Tampa, FL. I gotta tip my cap because whiskey is not easy drinking for most of us.

Best known for writing “emotional roller coaster” stories, she loves bringing flawed characters to life and writing about real, raw romance. No two of Kandi's books are the same.

If you’re a lover of angsty, emotional, and inspirational reads, she’s your gal.

Kandi took particular interest in writing romance after college, as she's always been a die hard hopeless romantic, and likes to highlight all the challenges and triumphs of love.

A Love Letter to Whiskey is Kandi's most popular book and it's exclusive to Kindle and available on Kindle Unlimited.

It’s crazy how fast the buzz comes back after you’ve been sober for so long.

Whiskey stood there, on my doorstep, just like he had one year before. Except this time, there was no rain, no anger, no wedding invitation — it was just us.

It was just him — the old friend, the easy smile, the twisted solace wrapped in a glittering bottle.

It was just me — the alcoholic, pretending like I didn’t want to taste him, realizing too quickly that months of being clean didn’t make me crave him any less.

But we can’t start here.

No, to tell this story right, we need to go back.

Back to the beginning.

Back to the very first drop.

This is my love letter to Whiskey. I only hope he reads it.

And now, the moment you've been waiting for...

Who wants to win something?!

Kandi Steiner and I have partnered up to give away a couple items - one lucky Giveaway Guy reader will win a paperback of A Love Letter To Whiskey and another reader will win a $20 Amazon gift card.

Enter to win using the Rafflecopter form below.

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This giveaway is open to users in the U.S. only. Two winners will be randomly selected via Rafflecopter, which I will contact by email after entries are verified. The winners will have 24 hours to respond, otherwise a new winner will be selected.

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