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$40 Amazon gift card and romance author Susan Meier

This next author's romantic characters are as different as night and day.

Susan Meier's aim is to deliver a heartwarming story that reminds readers that family and love go hand in hand. Deep down inside, most of us are looking for home – more than a place to hang our hats, but a place to love and be loved.

Sweet, funny, or sad, Susan's characters make some serious lemonade out of their lemons! Because that's how she sees life.

In Carrying the Billionaire's Baby, Jake and Avery are as different as night and day. The only place they're compatible is in bed. What started out as a one-night stand became a fling... and a baby.

Avery's happy, as long as Jake stays and arm-length away. Jake is shocked, and the last thing he wants is to stay away. He wants Avery and the Baby on his terms. But Avery's not like any other woman he's met.

Chapter 1

Jacob McCallan strode down the quiet hall of Waters, Waters and Montgomery – the law firm employed by his family – with tall, lanky Pete Waters, senior partner.

“So, how’s your mother holding up?”

Jake glanced at Pete, not surprised he’d asked. His father had died five months before and everyone was worried about his mom. “She’s working to pull herself together. Some days are better than others.”

“Rumor has it she headed the last board of directors meeting.”

Jake grimaced. Nobody was supposed to know about that, but Pete had sources everywhere. Jake chose his words carefully. “She tried.”


Still curious about the author? Time for an interview with Susan...

What inspires you to write?
I've written from the time I was a little girl, but I've always loved the concept of love. The idea that two people could care for each other enough to commit for life fascinates me. I've been married to the same person for a good many years and I know what it takes to really love somebody...and I try to get into my books a sense that my two characters will be able to make it through for the rest of their lives no matter what comes up.

How long does it take you to write a book, on average?
I write in stages. Planning a book and writing a proposal for my publisher takes about three weeks. If all is approved, I can normally write the rest of the book in six weeks.

What are you working on right now?
I'm working on a really cool series for Harlequin call Manhattan Babies. It follows the stories of three bachelors who are positive they are destined to remain single and the women who help them to heal from past hurts so they can fall in love. There are babies involved...thus the series title. LOL All three books are fun, yet emotional. The first book is CARRYING THE BILLIONAIRE'S BABY, which is out this month. Next up is A DIAMOND FOR THE SINGLE MUM, which is out in February. I'm just finishing the proposal for book 3. We don't yet have a title for that one. :) When the hero from book 2, Seth McCallan, gets married, his best friend Trent realizes Seth's younger sister is pregnant and he offers to fly her to France to find her artist boyfriend so she can tell him they are about to be parents. But they can't find Pierre and by the time they do Sabrina realizes she's falling for her brother's friend. It's a fun romp around Europe as these two wounded souls admit their fears and fall in love.

What's the best writing tip you can offer?
I actually teach a bunch of writing workshops. If I were to draw only one tip from all of them I'd have to say be yourself. Find YOUR voice. Don't mimic. Don't copy. Find you. Be you. If you have a desire to write, that probably means you have a distinct voice. That's your ticket to success.

What's a book written by another author everyone should read in their lifetime?
Anything from Nora Roberts. First, she has a voice and she uses it. Second, no matter what genre she writes in she can find a way to make her stories unique. Third, she's simply incredibly gifted and her stories always entertain.

So who wants to win something?!

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