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$40 Amazon gift card and fantasy author Theresa Snyder

What would you do if you were adopted by a dragon?

Theresa Snyder is a multi-genre writer with an internationally read blog. She grew up on a diet of B&W scifi films like Forbidden Planet and The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Theresa is a voracious reader, and her character driven writing is influenced by the early works of Anne McCaffrey, Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein, and L. Ron Hubbard.

If you love dragons then you'll find The Farloft Chronicles irresistible.

James & the Dragon is book #1 of the exciting saga of Farloft the dragon and his friends. What would you do if you were adopted by a dragon? When 10-year-old orphan James nearly drowns in a bog, he finds himself rescued by Farloft, a centuries-old dragon with a glittering collection of treasures and an even richer collection of stories.

But, dragons and boys are not meant to live together – or are they? When Laval, a wizard harboring a secret hatred for Farloft, finds out about James, he sees his chance for revenge.

Still curious about the author? Time for an interview with Theresa...

What inspires you to write?
It varies. Often current affairs will influence my work. The Farloft Chronicles were originally inspired by a need to make an impression on my nine year old nephew. He didn't seem to listen to his parents, me or his grandparents. I wondered, 'who would a 9 year old listen to?' I figured, he'd listen to a dragon. That's how Farloft was born.

How long does it take you to write a book, on average?
I can usually write a book in three months and edit it for another 2-3 months. The paranormal can be written quicker because they are much shorter. However, the latest in my "Star Travelers" scifi series, "The Beast Within" took over 5 years. A lot went into that one to make it a stand-alone volume to capture more readers for my original series.

What are you working on right now?
I have several volumes in different stages of completion. My agent has the next Farloft Chronicle. I think it is one of the best in the series. I am working on a spin-off of the scifi series with a kickass female lead. And I am currently writing a first draft on my Serial Story Blog for the seventh book in the Twin Cities paranormal/fantasy series. My agent has the sixth.

What's the best writing tip you can offer?
Persevere. Keep writing. Like anything else, practice makes perfect. There are few of us that are bestsellers right off the bat. C.S. Lewis was 52 years old before he got his Narnia series published. L. Frank Baum was told over and over again that no one would read an American Fairy Tale. "The Wizard of Oz" has become a staple to children around the world. Don't give up. Line up a good group of beta readers, get yourself a reputable editor, and put out the cleanest copy you can, grammatically and visually.

What's a book written by another author everyone should read in their lifetime?
I can't recommend just one book. So I will do it by the genres I write. One of my favorite non-fiction books is "West with the Night" by Beryl Markham. It has some of the most picturesque prose you would ever read. It screams to be read out loud. "Battlefield Earth" by L. Ron Hubbard, is one of my favorite scifi books. It has a wonderful style in which the author shows you the same scene from both the alien and the human's perspective. It's funny how the reader finds themselves relating to the alien more than the human in several cases. My paranormal favorite is "Night Play" by Sherrilyn Kenyon. It is one of her "Dark Hunter" series. She is inspirational. And, I can't pick a single fantasy novel, I would have to say that Anne McCaffrey's "Dragons of Pern" inspired me with great character development and dialogue that made them come alive for me as a young reader. I hope you are all inspired to take a look at these authors.

So who wants to win something?!

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