Saturday, September 1, 2018

Amazon gift card and inspirational romance author Joselyn Vaughn

This next author enjoys romance and happy endings.

Joselyn Vaughn loves writing romance because she enjoy stories where everything works out in the end and the main characters live happily ever after. Her stories are set in small towns with quirky characters that take on a life of their own.

In Joselyn's inspirational romance, A Penny Saved, Penny Pounds has never met a challenge she couldn’t plow straight through… until she starts forgetting things and misplacing items, causing her to worry that dementia is creeping into her brain.

Recalling her mother’s similar descent and the burden as a caregiver, Penny’s solution is to snag a husband.

An excerpt of A Penny Saved:

"I'm getting married."
The perfect solution to all her worries. A husband would fix everything. Penny Pounds glowed at her own brilliance.
Her brother, Buck, choked on his beer. "What?"
Penny patted her freshly-dyed pink hair. The bottle claimed strawberry blond, but when layered over her whitened hair, the color produced a delicate rose. The curls had been tamed at the hair salon in preparation for her nephew's wedding this evening.
"I'm getting married," she repeated the statement, comforted by how the words felt. She'd waited sixty years to say them. It was about time.
"But..." Buck sputtered. "Who? At your age?" The bewilderment on her little brother's face amused her. His suspicious attitude wouldn't dent her happiness. Bliss existed in
discovering a suitable answer. "Why haven't I met him?"
She lifted her cup of soda and took a long drink. Sidney and Joshua's wedding cemented the idea. As the happy couple had recited their vows, the idea dawned on her. 'In sickness and in
health.' A married couple supported each other through everything, all the ups and downs. She should have thought of it before, but with getting her nephew and her tenant together and
aiding their wedding plans, she had been losing details left and right. "You haven't met him because I haven't met him."
Buck's graying head still sported an unfair proportion of black, although his middle, despite the recent chemotherapy, was inflating a second spare tire. The charcoal suit disguised an
expanding waistline almost as well as the pleated chiffon gown she'd chosen to wear.
Buck eyed his beer. The liquid sloshed just below the bottle neck. "I haven't drank nearly enough to be imagining this conversation."

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